DIY Outdoor Movie Projector Projection Screen Material


Looking for a low cost DIY outdoor movie screen material? This material is seconds, end of roll and cut off pieces. They are new pieces that were not used for one reason or another and have been stored folded. Some folds are creased heavy and some pieces have dirt or marks on them from being cut down. We tested it on this EZ DIY frame below. Made a great outdoor movie screen that can stay outdoors all season long. Nice!

The goal here was to find a lower cost screen material for a DIY (do-it-yourself) outdoor screen. It also had to be waterproof, UV protected, light blocking, easy to clean, easy to work with and produce a great picture. This seconds screen material does all that and more. There are no boarders and this material does not fray when cut so you can make it any size you like. The one we made in the picture is a 5'x 9' / 120" 16:9 screen. The material size is bigger then the size listed so you will have enough material for a frame. Great for outdoor movie nights, birthday party, sports, watching the big game on the deck and more.

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See How We Made A Movie Screen With This Seconds Screen Material Below.

We made the frame with 1-1/4" sch 40 pvc pipe and fittings that you can purchase at your local store. The clips fit the pipe and are not adjustable. We have them here and you can purchase them with the screen material above.

Frames are not included with the purchase of screen material.

This turned out to be a great outdoor screen for the money. Using this screen material and making the frame out of pvc pipe, makes it all weatherproof. The only thing you need to protect it from is the wind so it doesn't blow away. The frame is easy to make and the screen is easy to clean. It produces a nice bright picture with true colors.